Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Health tips for woman over 40

over 401. Reassess your diet to maintain a healthy weight. "Women should reassess their calorie intake after 40 and should make adjustments to their diets based on their activity levels." (The single best way to lose weight)
2. Bone up on calcium. Women over 40 need to increase their focus on calcium intake. "Without real effort, most women fall short of the recommended daily allowance for calcium and would benefit from a supplement," Dr Brasner says. (The health benefits of milk)

3. Do weight-bearing activity. "Exercise can help keep leading factors of heart disease at bay, and keep bones and muscles strong -- which is extremely important as women enter perimenopause," says Dr Brasner. In addition to cardio exercise, she suggests weight-bearing activities that improve bone strength. (Get pumped with BodyPump)

4. Rally your friends and family. Dr Brasner suggests that women starting an exercise program should try a buddy system for motivation and fun. (Why a fitness support system works)

5. Don't be last in line. Dr Brasner stresses, "Women tend to place the needs of their family ahead of their own, but when it comes to health, women need to make themselves a priority."


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